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Jay and Meridel Rawlings, have been following the call given to them over fifty years ago “to go among the nations” of the world where they have invited Jewish people to come “home” to Israel. This ingathering is in accordance with the prophetic words of the ancient Hebrew writers. This return is happening day by day. Surely these are amazing times and their latest book called Timeless Secrets, Volume 2 - Miracles Among the Nations records events leading to the advent of the Messianic age. It promises an era of peace, health, prosperity, and blessing… exactly what is needed in this very difficult time in history.
The Rawlings have written many books and produced over 100 TV documentaries and several hundred TV talk shows called, “People Making a Difference” and Still Small Voice recounting amazing and miraculous events.
Community Worship Center is hosting an event with Jay and Maridel Rawlings in which they will show excerpts of a few of their 100 plus Israel Vision Bible based documentaries that have been used to inspire and bless people worldwide by satellite TV and recently on our You Tube channel. The intention is to lead up to prayer in the meeting for Canada and for the Peace of Jerusalem.